Our Services

Accounting & Auditing

We offer attestation services that provide assurance for all three levels of engagements…Audits, Reviews & Compilations. As part of our financial reporting function, we provide valuable management information to clients for whom it is not practical to afford an in house controller. Our forte is our ability to provide, interpret and communicate financial reports that detail your business’s strengths and weaknesses, thus allowing timely implementation of corrective measures that will improve profitability and cash flow. Our clients recognize our service as valued investment and desire to be committed to a long-term relationship. Throughout each operating cycle, we are timely in providing answers and meaningful input that satisfies our client’s needs and objectives.

Tax Services

Blasiotti and Company does much more than provide tax compliance services. By being proactive, we customize and tailor an advantageous plan that results in tax savings and improved cash flow as well as stability during periods of legislative revision and uncertainty. We take a comprehensive approach to tax planning, identifying concerns throughout the business cycle, making sure the economics of daily transactions adequately address the tax implications. We are well qualified in the creative use of multiple tax structures, including S-Corporations, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and C-Corporations. We culminate the planning process by preparing annualized tax projections, which result in implementation of the most favorable tax strategy to minimize our Business clients overall liability. Typically, we are able to save at least double our fee in taxes.

As with tax planning, tax compliance services are all inclusive. We have a breadth of experience in the preparation, review and timely filing of both federal and state corporate, partnership, individual and fiduciary returns. Our high tech tax preparation capability allows for maximum efficiency and the highest quality control standards.

Software Evaluation Services

We have extensive experience with accounting software and accounting systems implementation. We consistently help clients integrate new software concepts to insure your most efficient level of reporting with the least amount of effort and personnel. We are certified Quickbooks advisers and will help with evaluation and installation of accounting software suitable to your business functions. Identification of critical deficiencies in your accounting software reporting is second nature to our engagement and insures access to critical data to operate and grow your business.

Loan Procurement & Business Plans

We have extensive experience in debt portfolio analysis and loan placement. Bob has worked closely with commercial banks, SBA lenders and financial institutions. Services include debt restructure, loan acquisitions and negotiation, terms restatement and loan documentation assistance. Blasiotti and Company designs business plans that assess risk and opportunities by addressing applicable tax laws, capital sources, management and operational needs. A workable business plan is created by tapping into an overall knowledge of the competitive market and local economic indicators, coupled with technical expertise in financial and operation analysis, sales and marketing analysis and tax considerations. We assist clients in summarizing data that will become the basis of projected financial statements. We then prepare pro forma financial statements, projections and forecasts that are needed to obtain equity and debt financing from both investors and lenders.

Additional Services

Financial Modeling, Analysis & Valuations & Litigation Support

Computerized financial models allow us to quickly assess the financial feasibility of your business and personal investments. We are knowledgeable and have extensive experience in the area of business valuations in order to minimize estate-planning consequences or maximize divestiture values.

Our expertise in the area of litigation consulting enables us to quickly analyze data requirements and identify technical accounting and reporting issues. Knowing what documents should be available makes document production requests specific and precise. In addition, we assist attorneys in identifying technical information relevant to a particular case and prepare or supervise document discovery requests.

Reasonable Fees

Providing quality service results in added value to your business. Our personal commitment to quality, results in tax savings and operating efficiencies valued at many multiples of our fee. We will insure you maximize profits and cash flows and minimize tax for the least cost. We save our Business clients two or three times our fee annually. Do not hesitate to contact us for a no charge initial consultation to determine how we can provide assistance in increasing your bottom line and decreasing your tax burden.